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July 7 Famous Birthdays list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who born Today. Famous Birthdays Today in the history. Know the famous celebrity who born on your birthday.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
2000Princess Purnika of NepalEldest daughter of Paras, former Crown Prince of Nepal and former Crown Princess Himani Nepal
1997Erina IkutaJapanese pop singer Japan
1992Toni GarrnGerman model Germany
1990Tanja KolbeGerman ice dancer Germany
1990Lee AddyGhanaian professional footballer Ghana
1990Pascal StogerAustrian professional association football player Austria
1989Giannoulis FakinosGreek football player Greece
1989Kim BumSouth Korean actor South Korea
1989Landon Douglas CassillAmerican stock car racing driver United States(USA)
1988Kaci BrownAmerican pop and R&B singer United States(USA)
1988Ilan RubinAmerican musician United States(USA)
1988Lukas RosenthalGerman international rugby union player Germany
1988Jack WhitehallBritish comedian, television presenter and actor United Kingdom(UK)
1987Lena MaCanadian beauty pageant contestant Canada
1987Julianna GuillAmerican actress United States(USA)
1987Carly Mitchell TelfordEnglish international football goalkeeper United Kingdom(UK)
1986Ana KasparianOne of the producers and co-host United States(USA)
1986Udo SchwarzGerman international rugby union player Germany
1985Marc SteinGerman footballer Germany
1984Minas AlozidisGreek hurdler Greece
1984Mohammad AshrafulBangladeshi international cricket player Bangladesh
1984Marie-MaiFrench Canadian singer Canada
1984Alberto AquilaniItalian professional footballer Italy
1983Ciara NewellIrish singer Ireland
1982CassidyAmerican rapper United States(USA)
1982Mike GlitaAmerican musician United States(USA)
1982George OwuGhanaian football player Ghana
1981Synyster GatesAmerican musician United States(USA)
1981Mahendra Singh DhoniIndian cricketer and the current captain of the Indian team India
1980John BuckAmerican Major League Baseball player United States(USA)
1980Deidre DownsMiss America 2005 and aspiring physician United States(USA)
1980Michelle KwanAmerican figure skater United States(USA)
1980Kaisa JouhkiIndonesian singer, vocalist of the Finnish heavy metal band Battlelore Finland
1980Dan WhitesidesThe drummer of American rock band The Used United States(USA)
1979Anastasios GousisGreek sprint athlete Greece
1979Carl BreezeBritish auto racing driver United Kingdom(UK)
1978Chris AndersenAmerican professional basketball player United States(USA)
1978Davor KraljevicCroatian footballer Croatia
1977Felix VasquezAmerican municipal employee United States(USA)
1976Dominic FoleyIrish football player Ireland
1976Natasha CollinsEnglish actress and model United Kingdom(UK)
1976Berenice BejoFrench Argentine actress France
1975Tony BenshoofAmerican luger United States(USA)
1975Michael VossFormer Australian rules footballer Australia
1974Patrick LalimeCanadian professional ice hockey goaltender Canada
1973Troy GarityAmerican film actor United States(USA)
1973Jose JimenezFormer Major League Baseball pitcher Dominican Republic
1973Matt ManteiFormer Major League Baseball relief pitcher United States(USA)
1973Natsuki TakayaJapanese manga artist Japan
1973Kailash KherIndian pop rock singer India
1972Lisa LeslieAmerican professional womens basketball player United States(USA)
1972Manfred StohlAustrian rally driver Austria
1972Kirsten VangsnessAmerican actress United States(USA)
1971Alistair PottsBritish World Champion cox United Kingdom(UK)
1971Christian CamargoAmerican actor United States(USA)
1970Wayne McCulloughProfessional boxer Ireland
1970Erik ZabelFormer German professional road bicycle racer Germany
1970Robia LaMorteAmerican actress and former dancer United States(USA)
1969Sylke OttoFormer German luger Germany
1969Joe SakicCanadian professional ice hockey centre Canada
1969Nathalie SimardFrench Canadian singer Canada
1969Cree SummerCanadian-American actress, musician and Emmy Award-nominated voice actress United States(USA)
1969Robin WeigertEmmy Award nominated American television and film actress United States(USA)
1968Amy CarlsonAmerican actress United States(USA)
1968Allen PayneAmerican film and television actor United States(USA)
1968Jorja FoxAmerican actress United States(USA)
1968Jeff VanderMeerAmerican writer, editor and publisher United States(USA)
1967Tom KristensenDanish racing driver Denmark
1967Jackie NealBlues singer United States(USA)
1966Jim GaffiganAmerican comedian United States(USA)
1966Gundula KrauseGerman folk violinist Germany
1966Neil TobinPerformer of magical and psychic entertainment United States(USA)
1965Paula DevicqCanadian actress Canada
1965Mo CollinsAmerican actress and comedienne United States(USA)
1965Jeremy KyleBritish radio and television broadcaster United Kingdom(UK)
1965Jeremy GuscottFormer rugby union outside centre United Kingdom(UK)
1965Samuel Woodford HolbrookUmpire in Major League Baseball United States(USA)
1963Vonda ShepardRock singer United States(USA)
1961Eric Jerome DickeyAmerican author United States(USA)
1960Kevin A. FordRetired United States Air Force Colonel and a NASA pilot and astronaut United States(USA)
1960Ralph SampsonRetired American college and professional basketball player United States(USA)
1960Billy WrightProminent Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary United Kingdom(UK)
1959Billy CampbellAmerican film and television actor United States(USA)
1959Jessica HahnAmerican model United States(USA)
1959Ben LinderYoung American engineer United States(USA)
1957Jonathan DaytonAmerican film director United States(USA)
1957Berry SakharofIsraeli rock guitarist, songwriter and singer Turkey
1955Len BarkerFormer Major League Baseball right-handed starting pitcher United States(USA)
1954Rami FortisIsraeli rock singer Israel
1954Pam BrickerJazz singer and a professor of music at George Washington University United States(USA)
1952Mando GuerreroRetired professional wrestler Mexico
1952Stan FoxUnited States open wheel race car driver United States(USA)
1951Thomas William FoxAmerican Quaker peace activist Iraq
1949Shelley DuvallAward winning American film and television actress United States(USA)
1948Jean LeclercCanadian actor Canada
1947Felix StandaertBelgian diplomat and former Belgian ambassador Belgium
1947Howard RheingoldCritic and writer United States(USA)
1947Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah DevThe last King of Nepal Nepal
1947Rob TownsendBritish rock and blues drummer United Kingdom(UK)
1947Victor ManuelSpanish singer and songwriter Spain
1946Joe SpanoAmerican actor United States(USA)
1945Michael AncramBritish politician United Kingdom(UK)
1945Matti SalminenFinnish bass singer Finland
1944Anthony JacklinEnglish golfer United Kingdom(UK)
1944Emanuel StewardAmerican boxer United States(USA)
1943Toto CutugnoItalian pop singer and songwriter Italy
1943Joel SiegelAmerican film critic United States(USA)
1942Carmen DuncanAustralian actress Australia
1941Michael HowardBritish politician United Kingdom(UK)
1941Bill OddieEnglish author, actor, comedian, artist, naturalist and musician United Kingdom(UK)
1941Marco BollesanItalian former rugby union player, coach and manager Italy
1941Nancy FarmerAmerican author of children's and young adult books and science fiction stories United States(USA)
1941James Walter RodfordBritish musician United Kingdom(UK)
1940Ringo StarrEnglish musician, singer, songwriter and actor United Kingdom(UK)
1939Paul SolomonProfessed psychic and seer United States(USA)
1937Tung Chee-HwaHong Kong administrator Hong Kong
1936Nikos XilourisGreek composer and singer Greece
1936Jo SiffertSwiss racing driver Switzerland
1933Murray HalbergFormer New Zealand middle distance runner New Zealand
1933David McCulloughAmerican author, narrator and lecturer United States(USA)
1933Bruce WellsBritish boxer and actor United Kingdom(UK)
1932Josef ZawinulAustrian jazz keyboardist and composer Austria
1932Thomas J. BasslerAmerican science fiction author and physician United States(USA)
1931David EddingsAmerican author United States(USA)
1930Henry MobleyAmerican hard bop and soul jazz tenor saxophonist and composer United States(USA)
1930Theodore Edgar McCarrickAmerican Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church United States(USA)
1930Robert John LittleRetired Scottish football defender Canada
1929Hasan AbidiPakistani journalist, writer and a senior Urdu language poet Pakistan
1929Reg LindsayAustralian country music singer Australia
1927Doc SeverinsenAmerican pop and jazz trumpeter United States(USA)
1927Charlie LouvinAmerican country music singer and songwriter United States(USA)
1925Wally PhillipsAmerican radio personality United States(USA)
1925Gely Mikhailovich Korzhev-ChuvelevRussian painter Russia
1924Mary FordVocalist and guitarist United States(USA)
1922Pierre CardinItalian born French fashion designer France
1922Alan ArmerAmerican television writer, producer and director United States(USA)
1921Adolf von ThaddenGerman politician Germany
1921Ezzard CharlesAmerican boxer United States(USA)
1920Bhaktaraj MaharajHindu saint India
1919Jon PertweeBritish actor United Kingdom(UK)
1919William KunstlerAmerican self described radical lawyer and civil rights activist United States(USA)
1917Fidel Sanchez HernandezPolitician, general and former President of El Salvador El Salvador
1916Tiny GrimesAmerican jazz and R&B guitarist United States(USA)
1915Margaret Abigail Walker AlexanderAfrican-American poet and author United States(USA)
1913Pinetop PerkinsAmerican blues musician United States(USA)
1911Gian Carlo MenottiItalian born composer Italy
1911Gretchen FranklinEnglish actress United Kingdom(UK)
1908Revilo P. OliverAmerican professor United States(USA)
1907Robert A. HeinleinAmerican writer United States(USA)
1907Laszlo TiszaProfessor of Physics Emeritus at MIT United States(USA)
1906William FellerCroatian mathematician Croatia
1906Satchel PaigeAmerican baseball player United States(USA)
1906Anton KarasViennese zither player Austria
1904Simone BeckFrench chef France
1902Ted Double Duty RadcliffeAmerican baseball player United States(USA)
1901Vittorio De SicaItalian director Italy
1901Sam KatzmanAmerican film producer United States(USA)
1901Eiji TsuburayaJapanese film producer Japan
1900Earle E. PartridgeUnited States Air Force general United States(USA)
1899George CukorAmerican director United States(USA)
1898Arnold HorweenProfessional American football player and coach United States(USA)
1893Miroslav KrlezaCroatian writer Croatia
1893Herbert FeisAmerican Author United States(USA)
1891Virginia RappeAmerican model and silent film actress United States(USA)
1891Tadamichi KuribayashiGeneral in the Imperial Japanese Army Japan
1887Marc ChagallRussian painter Russia
1884Lion FeuchtwangerGerman dramatist Germany
1874Erwin BumkeGerman jurist Germany
1860Gustav MahlerAustrian composer Austria
1855Ludwig GanghoferGerman writer Germany
1851Charles TindleyAmerican gospel music composer United States(USA)
1848Rodrigues AlvesBrazilian politician Brazil
1848Francisco de Paula Rodrigues AlvesBrazilian politician Brazil
1843Camillo GolgiItalian physician and Nobel laureate Italy
1833Felicien RopsBelgian artist, and print maker Belgium
1827Quintino SellaItalian statesman and financier Italy
1766Guillaume Philibert DuhesmeFrench general France
1752Joseph-Marie JacquardFrench inventor France
1746Giuseppe PiazziItalian astronomer Italy
1690Johann Tobias KrebsGerman organist and composer Germany
1656Guru Har Krishan8th Guru of Sikhism India
1631William Stoughton (Massachusetts)American judge at the Salem witch trials United States(USA)
1586Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of ArundelEnglish statesman United Kingdom(UK)
1528Archduchess Anna of AustriaThe daughter of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and his wife Anna of Bohemia and Hungary Austria
1207Elisabeth of HungaryPrincess of Hungary and a Catholic saint Hungary
1119Emperor Sutoku75th emperor of Japan Japan
1053Emperor Shirakawa72nd emperor of Japan Japan

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