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March 1 Famous Birthdays list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who born Today. Famous Birthdays Today in the history. Know the famous celebrity who born on your birthday.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
2001Ramona MarquezAward winning English child actor United Kingdom(UK)
1996Oleksandra KorashviliUkrainian tennis player Ukraine
1996Ye ShiwenChinese swimmer China
1994Justin BieberCanadian pop R&B singer Canada
1993Josh McEachranEnglish footballer United Kingdom(UK)
1990Harry EdenEnglish actor United Kingdom(UK)
1990Nikolas TsattaliosAustralian football player Australia
1989Sonya KitchellAmerican jazz singer and songwriter United States(USA)
1989Carlos VelaMexican footballer Mexico
1989Anjo BuckmanGerman international rugby union player Germany
1989Daniella MonetAmerican actress United States(USA)
1988Katija PevecAmerican actress United States(USA)
1988Trevor CahillAmerican baseball player United States(USA)
1987SammieR&B artist United States(USA)
1987KeshaAmerican pop singer, rapper and songwriter United States(USA)
1986Jonathan SpectorAmerican professional football player United States(USA)
1986Big E LangstonAmerican professional wrestler United States(USA)
1985Andreas OttlGerman footballer Germany
1985J LemanAmerican football linebacker United States(USA)
1984Naima MoraAmerican fashion model United States(USA)
1984Alexander SteenCanadian-born Swedish professional ice hockey player Sweden
1984Jacob LillymanAustralian professional rugby league footaller Australia
1984Anthony TupouAustralian professional rugby league footballer Australia
1983Daniel CarvalhoBrazilian football attacking midfielder Brazil
1983Elan Sara DeFanRecording artist Mexico
1983Chris HackettEnglish professional footballer United Kingdom(UK)
1983Blake HawksworthMinor league pitcher Canada
1983Dusty DvoracekAmerican football defensive tackle United States(USA)
1982Shalva DidebashviliGerman international rugby union player Germany
1982Juan Manuel OrtizSpanish professional footballer Spain
1981Ana HickmannBrazilian supermodel Brazil
1981Adam LaVorgnaAmerican actor United States(USA)
1981Will PowerAustralian motorsport driver Australia
1981Brad WinchesterAmerican ice hockey player United States(USA)
1980Shahid AfridiPakistani cricketer Pakistan
1980Abdur Rehman (cricketer, born 1980)Pakistani cricketer Pakistan
1980Djimi TraoreFrench-born footballer France
1980Gennaro BraciglianoFrench goalkeeper France
1980Sercan GuvenısikTurkish football player Turkey
1979Mikkel KesslerDanish professional boxer Denmark
1979Bruno LangloisCanadian racing cyclist Canada
1978Jensen AcklesAmerican television and film actor United States(USA)
1978Donovan PattonGuamanian television star Guam
1978Alicia Leigh WillisAmerican actress United States(USA)
1977Rens BlomDutch athlete competing in pole vault Netherlands
1977Esther CanadasSpanish actress and model Spain
1976Peter F. BellAustralian rules footballer Australia
1976Dave MalkoffAmerican television journalist United States(USA)
1976Travis KvapilAmerican race car driver United States(USA)
1975Francesco MazzariolItalian rugby union footballer Italy
1975Maya KulenovicCanadian artist and painter Canada
1975Stephen Tater EatingerAmerican country music artist United States(USA)
1974Mark-Paul GosselaarAmerican actor United States(USA)
1974Stephen Davis (American football)Retired American football running back in the National Football League United States(USA)
1974Shane HarwoodAustralian cricketer Australia
1973Jack DavenportBritish film and television actor United Kingdom(UK)
1973Ryan PeakeCanadian lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the rock band, Nickelback Canada
1973Carlo ResoortDutch DJ, remixer and producer Netherlands
1973Chris WebberRetired American professional basketball player United States(USA)
1973Anton GunnAmerican politician United States(USA)
1972Yo-Sam ChoiKorean world boxing champion South Korea
1971Tyler HamiltonAmerican professional road bicycle racer and Olympic gold medalist United States(USA)
1971Scott AntolAmerican professional wrestler United States(USA)
1970Jason V BrockAmerican author, artist, editor and director United States(USA)
1969Javier BardemAcademy Award-winning Spanish actor Spain
1969Doug CreekFormer Major League Baseball pitcher United States(USA)
1969Dafydd IeuanThe drummer United Kingdom(UK)
1969Jozsef SzaboFormer breaststroker Hungary
1968Salil AnkolaFormer Indian cricketer India
1967Yelena AfanasyevaRussian athlete Russia
1967George EadsAmerican actor United States(USA)
1967Aron WinterRetired Dutch football midfielder Netherlands
1966Susan AuchCanadian speed-skater Canada
1966John David CullumAmerican actor United States(USA)
1966Zack Edward SnyderAmerican film director, film producer, and screenwriter United States(USA)
1965Stewart ElliottAmerican thoroughbred jockey Canada
1965Booker HuffmanAmerican professional wrestler United States(USA)
1965Mary Lou LordAlternative rock musician, busker and recording artist United States(USA)
1964Paul Le GuenFrench former international football defender and the current manager of Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain France
1964Clinton GregoryAmerican country and bluegrass singer, songwriter, and fiddler United States(USA)
1963Rob AffusoHeavy metal drummer United States(USA)
1963Thomas AndersGerman singer, composer and record producer Germany
1963Ron FrancisRetired Canadian professional ice hockey centreman Canada
1963Dan MichaelsProducer, record company owner, saxophonist and Lyriconist United States(USA)
1963Maurice BenardAmerican actor United States(USA)
1963Russell WongAmerican actor and photographer United States(USA)
1962Mark Allan GardnerFormer pitcher in Major League Baseball United States(USA)
1962Bill LeenAmerican bass player United States(USA)
1960William BennettEnglish musician (Whitehouse) United Kingdom(UK)
1959Nick GriffinBritish politician, chairman of the British National Party (BNP) and Member of the European Parliament United Kingdom(UK)
1959Diamanto ManolakouGreek politician Greece
1958Bertrand PiccardSwiss psychiatrist and balloonist Switzerland
1958Nik KershawEnglish singer and songwriter United Kingdom(UK)
1958Chosei KomatsuJapanese conductor Japan
1957Peter AthansWorlds foremost high altitude mountaineers United States(USA)
1956Timothy DalyEmmy Award and the Screen Actors Guild Award nominated American stage, screen and voice actor, director and producer United States(USA)
1956Dalia GrybauskaiteLithuanian politician and President of Lithuania Lithuania
1954Catherine BachAmerican actress United States(USA)
1954Ron HowardAcademy Award-winning American director and producer as well as an actor United States(USA)
1953Daniel Truett CathyAmerican business executive United States(USA)
1953Thomas HendersonFormer American football linebacker United States(USA)
1953Muthuvel Karunanidhi StalinIndian politician and former actor India
1952Steven BarnesScience fiction writer, lecturer, creative consultant, and human performance technician United States(USA)
1952Leigh MatthewsFormer player and coach of Australian rules football Australia
1952Martin O NeillIrish former association footballer Ireland
1952Brian WintersFormer NBA guard, forward, coach and former WNBA head coach United States(USA)
1952Jerri NielsenAmerican physician United States(USA)
1952Nevada BarrAmerican author United States(USA)
1951Sergei KourdakovFormer KGB agent and naval officer United States(USA)
1949Zoia CeausescuRomanian mathematician Romania
1948Burning SpearGrammy Award winning Jamaican roots reggae singer and musician Jamaica
1947Alan ThickeCanadian actor, songwriter, game show host and talk-show emcee Canada
1946Lana WoodAmerican actress and producer United States(USA)
1946Gerry BouletCanadian rock singer Canada
1946Elvin BetheaFormer American football defensive end United States(USA)
1945Dirk BenedictAmerican movie, television and stage actor United States(USA)
1944John BreauxFormer United States senator United States(USA)
1944Mike d AboEnglish singer and songwriter United Kingdom(UK)
1944Roger DaltreyEnglish singer, songwriter and actor United Kingdom(UK)
1943Gil AmelioAmerican technology executive United States(USA)
1943Akinori NakayamaJapanese gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Japan
1943Richard H. PriceLeading American physicist United States(USA)
1943Rashid SunyaevRussian physicist Russia
1943Jose Angel IribarFormer Spanish footballer and manager Spain
1943Cha KatoJapanese comedian and actor Japan
1942Richard Bowman MyersFormer general of the United States Air Force and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff United States(USA)
1942Jerry Donal FisherAmerican R&B singer United States(USA)
1942Howard Peter GuberAmerican film producer and executive United States(USA)
1941Joo HyunSouth Korean actor South Korea
1941Mark LutzEmeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Maine Switzerland
1941Donnie WalshFormer professional basketball coach United States(USA)
1940Robert GrossmanAmerican painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and author United States(USA)
1940Nuala O FaolainIrish journalist Ireland
1940David McPherson BroomeRetired Welsh show jumping champion Australia
1940Krzysztof WilmanskiPolish-German scientist Poland
1939Leo BrouwerCuban composer, guitarist and conductor Cuba
1939Adnan Al-KaissieFormer Iraqi professional wrestler and manager Iraq
1937Jed AllanAmerican actor United States(USA)
1937Jimmy LittleAustralian Aboriginal musician, actor and teacher Australia
1937Thomas Browne CornellAmerican artist United States(USA)
1936Monique BeginAcademic and former Canadian politician Canada
1936Jean-Edern HallierFrench author France
1935Mohammad Baqir al-SadrIraqi Twelver Shia cleric, a philosopher, and ideological founder of Islamic Dawa Party Iraq
1935Robert ConradAmerican film and television actor United States(USA)
1934Jean-Michel FolonBelgian artist, illustrator, painter, and sculptor Belgium
1934Joan Ann HackettAmerican actress United States(USA)
1933Gerry BronEnglish record producer and band manager United Kingdom(UK)
1930Gastone NenciniItalian road racing cyclist Italy
1929Georgi MarkovBulgarian dissident Bulgaria
1929Robert ConradAmerican actor and director of film and television United States(USA)
1928Jacques RivetteFrench film director France
1928Willie MitchellAmerican soul, R&B, rock and roll, pop and funk record producer and arranger United States(USA)
1927Harry BelafonteJamaican American musician, actor and social activist United States(USA)
1927Robert BorkConservative American legal scholar United States(USA)
1926Robert ClaryFrench-born Jewish-American actor, published author and lecturer United States(USA)
1926Pete RozelleThe commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) United States(USA)
1926Cesare DanovaTelevision and screen actor Italy
1926Allan Herbert StanleyCanadian professional ice hockey defenceman Canada
1924Deke SlaytonAmerican astronaut United States(USA)
1923Kuczka PeterHungarian writer, poet and Science Fiction editor Hungary
1922William GainesAmerican publisher United States(USA)
1922Yitzhak RabinPrime Minister of Israel, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Israel
1921Terence Cardinal CookeAmerican cardinal United States(USA)
1921Richard WilburAmerican poet United States(USA)
1921Jack ClaytonBritish film director United Kingdom(UK)
1920Max BentleyCanadian professional ice hockey forward Canada
1919Joao Goulart24th President of Brazil Brazil
1918Roger DelgadoBritish actor United Kingdom(UK)
1918Gladys Noon SpellmanAmerican politician United States(USA)
1918Lewis HodgesPilot for Special Operations Executive (SOE) in the Second World War United Kingdom(UK)
1917Robert LowellAmerican poet, considered the founder of the confessional poetry movement United States(USA)
1916Krystyna FeldmanPolish actress Poland
1914Harry CarayAmerican radio and TV broadcaster United States(USA)
1913Ralph EllisonScholar and writer United States(USA)
1913R. S. R. FitterBritish naturalist and author United Kingdom(UK)
1912Gerald Emmett CarterCanadian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church Canada
1912Boris ChertokProminent Soviet and Russian rocket designer, responsible for control systems of a number of ballistic missiles and spacecraft Russia
1911Rina KettyFrench singer France
1910Archer John Porter MartinBritish chemist and Nobel Prize winner United Kingdom(UK)
1910David NivenEnglish Academy Award-winning actor United Kingdom(UK)
1906Pham Van DongAssociate of Ho Chi Minh, Served as Prime Minister of North Vietnam, former Prime Minister of reunified Vietnam Vietnam
1906Camilla SpiraGerman film actress Germany
1905Doris HareWelsh actress United Kingdom(UK)
1904Paul HartmanAmerican actor United States(USA)
1904Glenn MillerAmerican jazz musician, arranger, composer, and band leader in the swing era United States(USA)
1899Erich von dem BachNazi official Germany
1897Shoghi EffendiGuardian and appointed head of the Bahai Faith Israel
1896Dimitris MitropoulosGreek conductor and composer Greece
1896Moriz SeelerGerman writer and producer Germany
1893Mercedes de AcostaAmerican socialite United States(USA)
1892Ryunosuke AkutagawaJapanese writer Japan
1889Watsuji TetsuroJapanese philosopher Japan
1888Ewart AstillEnglish cricketer United Kingdom(UK)
1886Oskar KokoschkaAustrian painter and poet Austria
1885Lionel AtwillEnglish stage and film actor United Kingdom(UK)
1880Giles Lytton StracheyBritish writer United Kingdom(UK)
1876Henri de Baillet-LatourBelgian IOC president Belgium
1871Ben HarneyAmerican composer and ragtime pianist United States(USA)
1870E. M. AntoniadiGreek astronomer Greece
1868Sophie ChotekWife of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria Austria
1868Nicolas Achille ParocheFrench sport shooter France
1865Abe IsoJapanese politician Japan
1863Alexander Golovin (artist)Russian painter Russia
1858Georg SimmelGerman sociologist and philosopher Germany
1854Samu PeczHungarian architect and academic Hungary
1852Theophile DelcasseFrench statesman France
1848Augustus Saint-GaudensIrish-born American sculptor United States(USA)
1842Nicholaos GysisGreek painter Greece
1837William Dean HowellsAmerican writer, historian, and politician United States(USA)
1821Joseph Hubert ReinkensGerman Catholic bishop Germany
1817Giovanni DupreItalian sculptor Italy
1812Augustus PuginEnglish-born architect United Kingdom(UK)
1810Frederic ChopinPolish-born composer Poland
1807Wilford WoodruffFourth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints United States(USA)
1792Rudecindo AlvaradoArgentine general Argentina
1781Javiera CarreraChilean aristoctratic woman Chile
1769Francois Severin Marceau-DesgraviersFrench general France
1760Francois Nicolas Leonard BuzotFrench revolutionary France
1732William Cushing2nd Chief Justice of the United States United States(USA)
1691Conrad BeisselGerman-born religious leader Germany
1683Caroline of AnsbachThe queen consort of George II Germany
1683Tsangyang Gyatso, 6th Dalai LamaSixth Dalai Lama China
1683Tsangyang Gyatso6th Dalai Lama China
1657Samuel WerenfelsSwiss theologian Switzerland
1644Simon FoucherFrench philosopher France
1611John PellEnglish mathematician United Kingdom(UK)
1610John PellEnglish mathematician United Kingdom(UK)
1597Jean-Charles de la FailleBelgian mathematician Belgium
1547Rudolph GocleniusGerman philosopher Germany
1456Vladislaus II of Bohemia and HungaryKing of Bohemia and Hungary Hungary
1445Sandro BotticelliItalian painter Italy
1432Isabel of CoimbraQueen of Portugal Portugal
1389Saint Antoninus of FlorenceItalian Dominican friar Italy
0040MartialLatin poet Spain

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