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March 28 Famous Birthdays list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who born Today. Famous Birthdays Today in the history. Know the famous celebrity who born on your birthday.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
1990Zac ClarkeAustralian rules footballer Australia
1989Lukas JutkiewiczEnglish-Polish football player Poland
1989Mira LeungCanadian figure skater Canada
1989Afrikan BoyNigerian rapper Nigeria
1989Amy BrucknerAmerican teen actress United States(USA)
1988Lacey TurnerEnglish actress United Kingdom(UK)
1986Lady GaGaAmerican singer, songwriter and musician United States(USA)
1986J-KwonAmerican rapper United States(USA)
1986Barbora StrycovaProfessional female tennis player Czech Republic
1986AbudaBrazilian striker Brazil
1984Christopher SambaFrench-Congolese football player France
1984Nikki SandersonBritish actress and model United Kingdom(UK)
1984Yordanos AbayEthiopian football striker Ethiopia
1984Ol DrakeLead guitarist of English thrash metal group Evile United Kingdom(UK)
1983Lindsay FrimodtAmerican model United States(USA)
1983Ryan AshingtonEnglish footballer United Kingdom(UK)
1982Sonia AgarwalIndian film actress India
1981Julia StilesAmerican stage and film actress United States(USA)
1981Gareth David-LloydWelsh actor United Kingdom(UK)
1981Edwar RamirezRelief pitcher for the New York Yankees United States(USA)
1981Antonio RizzoItalian footballer Italy
1980Stiliani PilatouGreek long jumper Greece
1980Luke WaltonAmerican professional basketball player United States(USA)
1979Park Chae-rimSouth Korean actress South Korea
1979Crystal CoxAmerican track and field athlete United States(USA)
1977Erik Rasmussen (ice hockey)Professional ice hockey player United States(USA)
1977Lauren WeisbergerAmerican novelist and author United States(USA)
1977Annie WerschingAmerican actress United States(USA)
1976David KeuningAmerican guitar player (The Killers) United States(USA)
1976Chitrangada SinghIndian film actress India
1975Shanna MoaklerAmerican model, actor, reality television star and a former beauty queen United States(USA)
1975Ivan HelgueraSpanish football central defender or defensive midfielder, currently unattached Spain
1975Matt ReisAmerican soccer goalkeeper United States(USA)
1975Richard Kelly (director)American film director and writer United States(USA)
1975Derek Hill (racing driver)American racing driver United States(USA)
1975Kate GosselinAmerican television personality United States(USA)
1974Mark King (Snooker player)Professional snooker player United Kingdom(UK)
1974Scott MillsEnglish radio DJ United Kingdom(UK)
1973Eddie FatuSamoan professional wrestler Samoa
1973Matt NathansonSinger and songwriter United States(USA)
1972Nick FrostEnglish actor, comedian and screenwriter United Kingdom(UK)
1972Keith TkachukAmerican professional ice hockey player United States(USA)
1972Eby J. JoseJournalist and human rights activist India
1971Mr. CheeksRapper United States(USA)
1971Christianne Meneses JacobsNicaraguan American writer, editor and teacher United States(USA)
1971Wesley PersonAmerican former professional basketball player in the NBA United States(USA)
1970Vince VaughnAmerican film actor United States(USA)
1970Michelle GildernewIrish republican politician Ireland
1970Aiga ZagorskaRetired female track and road racing cyclist Lithuania
1969Brett RatnerAmerican film director and music-video director United States(USA)
1969Rodney AtkinsAmerican country music artist United States(USA)
1969Elliot PerryRetired American professional basketball player in the NBA United States(USA)
1968Iris ChangAmerican historian and journalist United States(USA)
1968Nasser HussainFormer Essex and England cricketer United Kingdom(UK)
1968Jon Lee (drummer)The original drummer for the successful British rock band Feeder United Kingdom(UK)
1968Tim LovejoyBritish television presenter United Kingdom(UK)
1968Max PerlichAmerican film and television actor United States(USA)
1967John ZieglerAmerican talkshow host United States(USA)
1965Steve BullEnglish former footballer United Kingdom(UK)
1962Jure FrankoSlovenian and Yugoslavian former alpine skier Slovenia
1962Terry SzopinskiAmerican professional wrestler United States(USA)
1961Orla BradyIrish actress Ireland
1961Byron Scott (basketball)Retired American National Basketball Association player and current head coach of the NBAs New Orleans Hornets United States(USA)
1960Chris BarrieBritish actor United Kingdom(UK)
1960Jose Maria NevesPrime Minister of Cape Verde Cape Verde
1960Eric-Emmanuel SchmittPopular contemporary French author and dramatist France
1959Curt HennigAmerican professional wrestler United States(USA)
1959Chris MyersAmerican sports broadcaster United States(USA)
1958Edesio AlejandroOne of Cubas most renowned composers of electronic music for films Cuba
1956April MargeraReality television personality United States(USA)
1956Susan ErshlerInternational public speaker, a former corporate executive, Mt. Everest summiter and co-author United States(USA)
1955John AlderdiceNorthern Ireland politician United Kingdom(UK)
1955Reba McEntireAmerican country music singer, performer and actress United States(USA)
1953Melchior NdadayeBurundian intellectual and politician Burundi
1952Tony BriseBritish racing driver United Kingdom(UK)
1951Karen KainRetired Canadian ballet dancer Canada
1951Matti PellonpaaAward-winning Finnish actor and a musician Finland
1951James E. West (politician)American politician United States(USA)
1951Chip ReeseAmerican professional poker player and gambler United States(USA)
1950Claudio LolliItalian singer, songwriter, poet, writer and secondary school teacher Italy
1949Kevin LloydBritish actor United Kingdom(UK)
1948Dianne WiestAmerican actress United States(USA)
1948Gerry HouseAmerican radio personality United States(USA)
1948John EvanBritish musician (Jethro Tull) United Kingdom(UK)
1948Milan WilliamsAmerican keyboardist and a founding member of the Commodores band United States(USA)
1948Matthew CorbettEnglish retired actor United Kingdom(UK)
1948Jayne Ann KrentzAmerican writer of romance novels United States(USA)
1947John LandeckerAmerican disk jockey United States(USA)
1946Alejandro ToledoPeruvian politician and economist Peru
1946Henry Paulson Jr.The 74th United States Treasury Secretary and is a member of the International Monetary Fund Board of Governors United States(USA)
1946Wubbo OckelsDutch physicist and astronaut Netherlands
1945Bjorn HamiltonSwedish count, civil engineer and politician Sweden
1944Rick BarryRetired American professional basketball player United States(USA)
1944Ken HowardAmerican Tony Award- and Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor United States(USA)
1943Conchata FerrellAmerican actress United States(USA)
1942Daniel DennettProminent American philosopher United States(USA)
1942Neil KinnockWelsh politician United Kingdom(UK)
1942Mike Newell (Director)English director and producer United Kingdom(UK)
1942Samuel RameyAmerican opera singer United States(USA)
1942Conrad SchumannEast German border guard Germany
1942Jerry SloanNational Basketball Association coach with the Utah Jazz United States(USA)
1942Kitanofuji KatsuakiFormer sumo wrestle Japan
1941Alf ClausenAmerican film and television composer United States(USA)
1941Jim Turner (placekicker)Former American football player United States(USA)
1941Jeffrey Moussaieff MassonAmerican author residing in New Zealand New Zealand
1940Tony BarberAustralian game show host and television personality Australia
1940Kevin LougheryAmerican former professional basketball player and coach United States(USA)
1937Liz TrottaAmerican journalist United States(USA)
1936Mario Vargas LlosaPeruvian writer, politician, journalist and essayist Peru
1935Michael ParkinsonEnglish broadcaster and journalist United Kingdom(UK)
1934Lester R. BrownAmerican environmentalist United States(USA)
1933Tete MontoliuJazz pianist Spain
1933Frank Murkowski10th Governor of Alaska United States(USA)
1930Robert AshleyContemporary American composer United States(USA)
1930Elizabeth BainbridgeRetired opera singer United States(USA)
1930Jerome Isaac FriedmanAmerican physicist United States(USA)
1930Amelia RosselliItalian poet Italy
1929Paul EnglandAustralian former racing driver Australia
1928Zbigniew BrzezinskiPolish-born American political scientist, geostrategist, and statesman United States(USA)
1928Alexander GrothendieckGerman mathematician Germany
1927Marianne FredrikssonSwedish author Sweden
1926Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart18th Duchess of Alba Spain
1925Dorothy DeBorbaAmerican child actress United States(USA)
1924Freddie BartholomewBritish child actor United Kingdom(UK)
1922Neville BonnerAustralian politician, and the first indigenous Australian to become a member of the Parliament of Australia Australia
1922Felice ChiusanoPopular Italian vocal quartet Italy
1922Joey MaximAmerican boxer United States(USA)
1921Dirk BogardeEnglish actor and novelist United Kingdom(UK)
1921Herschel GrynszpanGerman political assassin Germany
1919Vic RaschiMajor League Baseball pitcher United States(USA)
1915Jay LivingstonComposing and songwriter United States(USA)
1914Edward AnhaltJournalist and documentary filmmaker United States(USA)
1914Bohumil HrabalFamous Czech writer Czech Republic
1914Edmund Muskie58th United States Secretary of State United States(USA)
1914Kenneth Richard NorrisEminent Australian entomologist Australia
1912A. Bertram ChandlerAustralian science fiction author Australia
1912Marina RaskovaFamous Russian navigator Russia
1912Lucille FletcherAmerican screenwriter of film, radio and television United States(USA)
1910Frederick Baldwin Adams, Jr.American Librarian United States(USA)
1910Jimmie DoddAmerican actor United States(USA)
1910IngridQueen consort of Denmark Sweden
1910Joseph Oliver BowersPrelate of the Roman Catholic Church from Dominica Dominica
1909Nelson AlgrenAmerican writer United States(USA)
1908Gregoire AslanArmenian actor Armenia
1907Irving Paul LazarLegendary talent agent and deal-maker, representing both movie stars and authors United States(USA)
1905Richard Marlin PerkinsZoologist United States(USA)
1905Pandro S. BermanAcademy Award-winning American film producer United States(USA)
1903Rudolf SerkinBohemian-born pianist Austria
1903Charles StarrettAmerican actor United States(USA)
1902Dame Flora RobsonOscar-nominated English actress United Kingdom(UK)
1902Jaromir VejvodaCzech composer Czech Republic
1901Jack WeilFounder and CEO of the Denver based Western clothing manufacturer Rockmount Ranch Wear United States(USA)
1900Edward WagenknechtAmerican literary critic and teacher United States(USA)
1899Harold B. LeeEleventh president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) United States(USA)
1899August Anheuser Busch, Jr.American brewing magnate United States(USA)
1899Buck ShawAmerican football coach United States(USA)
1897Sepp HerbergerGerman football coach Germany
1897Tillie VossTackle who played nine seasons in the National Football League United States(USA)
1895Christian Herter59th Governor of Massachusetts United States(USA)
1895Spencer W. KimballAmerican religious leader United States(USA)
1894Ernst LindemannThe captain of the German battleship Bismarck Germany
1893Spyros SkourasGreek-born American movie executive United States(USA)
1892Corneille HeymansBelgian physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate Belgium
1892Tom MaguireIrish republican Ireland
1890Paul WhitemanAmerican bandleader United States(USA)
1884Angelos SikelianosModern Greek poet and playwright Greece
1879Terence MacSwineyIrish playwright, author and politician Ireland
1873John Francis GeigerAmerican rower United States(USA)
1871Willem MengelbergDutch conductor Netherlands
1868Maxim GorkyRussian author Russia
1866Jimmy Ross (footballer born 1866)Scottish footballer United Kingdom(UK)
1862Aristide BriandFrench politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize France
1851Bernardino MachadoPortuguese politician Portugal
1849James DarmesteterFrench author and antiquarian France
1840Emin PashaPhysician, naturalist and governor of the Egyptian province of Equatoria on the upper Nile Egypt
1840William Harvey CarneyAmerican Civil War officier United States(USA)
1836Frederick PabstAmerican brewer United States(USA)
1819Sir Joseph BazalgetteEnglish civil engineer United Kingdom(UK)
1818Wade Hampton IIIAmerican soldier and politician United States(USA)
1815Arsene HoussayeFrench novelist France
1811John NeumannRedemptorist missionary to the United States United States(USA)
1806Thomas Hare (political scientist)English barrister United Kingdom(UK)
1795Georg Heinrich PertzGerman historian Germany
1793Henry SchoolcraftAmerican geographer and geologist United States(USA)
1773Henri Gratien, Comte BertrandFrench general France
1760Thomas ClarksonBritish abolitionist United Kingdom(UK)
1750Francisco de MirandaVenezuelan revolutionary Venezuela
1725Andrew KippisEnglish clergyman and biographer United Kingdom(UK)
1652Samuel SewallAmerican magistrate United States(USA)
1613Xiaozhuangwen Grand Empress DowagerEmpress of Manchu China
1609Frederick III of DenmarkKing of Denmark and Norway Denmark
1599Witte Corneliszoon de WithDutch naval officer Netherlands
1592ComeniusCzech bishop Czech Republic
1569Ranuccio I FarneseThe fourth Duke of Parma and Piacenza Italy
1522Albert the WarlikePrince of Bayreuth Germany
1515Saint Teresa of AvilaSpanish Carmelite nun Spain
1472Fra BartolommeoItalian artist Italy

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